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The Gund strives to provide a welcoming and accessible experience for all our visitors.

Young girl looking up at confettis falling down, in the entrance at the Gund Gallery

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Navigating the Gund Gallery

A Description of the Space

The Gund Gallery has horizontal slat siding and a large sculpture of a reclining woman in front. The lobby features a glass atrium, and there is a double set of automatic doors to enter.

The exhibition gallery (The Buchwald-Wright Gallery) is on the second floor. The gallery space is accessible by stairs in the main lobby or by the elevator just beyond the staircase and to the right. There are restrooms and water fountains located in this hallway as well. The auditorium (Community Foundation Theater) is located on the bottom floor of the gallery and is accessible through the staircase to the left of the main hall and the elevator. Offices and classrooms are toward the back of the building, with hallways on either side labeled with “Administrative Staff” and “Art History Department.” The Meier/Draudt Curatorial Classroom is located straight ahead of the entrance with double doors.