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Type A: Throw and Menace


Type A (American) Image from the series Throw. Image courtesy of the artists and Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY.

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Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Free Admission


Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin


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Type A is the collaboration of Adam Ames (American, b. 1969) and Andrew Bordwin (American, b. 1964). By focusing on ways men compete, work and play, Type A exposes social and psychological imbalance as well as convergence of traditional masculine and feminine characteristics. Whether dissecting sports or politics, the results range from psychologically disarming to profoundly absurd. In recent years, Type A has focused on urgent socio-political issues: definition of territory and authority, perpetuation of fear and safety. Their practice now includes unconventional materials, experiential performance, and unorthodox means of distribution. As contemporary society has become increasingly fragmented and unpredictable, so too has Type A’s methodology. In the installation Throw, Type A straddles the line between violence and beauty – danger and amusement. Taking inspiration from the age-old circus act of knife throwing, the duo present a contest of skill with each member taking a turn trying to hit a target with a knife after the tip has been dipped in graphite. Playing off the tropes of film noir and horror as well as the aesthetics of early photography, Menace explores the seemingly timeless existence and authority of male threat. Shrouded in darkness, a series of photogravures find each member of Type A enacting a series of poses, some of which are overtly hostile while others are more ambiguous, the inky black hides key details. The idea of male threat is something entrenched in history, something that has survived and will continue to exert its presence.

Type A_Throw and Menace4669.jpg

Installation view of Type A: Throw and Menace, 2019, The Gund.

Type A_Throw and Menace4590 (1).jpg

Installation view of Type A: Throw and Menace, 2019, The Gund.

Type A_Throw and Menace4680.jpeg

Installation view of Type A: Throw and Menace, 2019, The Gund.