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Notations: Envisioning New Sound

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Ge-Suk Yeo William Hellermann John Kannenberg Pozzi Escot Keren Rosenbaum Laura Toxvaerd Brent Lorentzen Will Redman Dennis Bathory-Kitsz Joseph Pignato Kerry John Andrews Carl Bergstreom-Neilsen Kyong-Mee Choi Chiyoko Szlavnics Martin Sebastian Loyato Theresa Sauer Christoper Reba Daniel Schnee Jon Raskin Hans Christoph-Steiner Steve Roden Tony Martin


Theresa Sauer


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Inspired by the controversial composer John Cage (author of the 1969 work Notations) and by more recent developments in musical notation, composer-musicologist Theresa Sauer collected excerpts from works of music notation by more than 150 composers from around the world. _Notations: Envisioning New Sound _explores the diverse ways the musical score can be transformed. It challenges us to rethink how sight embodies meaning and how meaning is expressed as sound.