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Jordine Voigt: Synchronicity

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Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Free Admission


Jordine Voigt


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Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt’s large-scale multi-media drawings have been described as “notations” or “scores” of observed life, scientific phenomena and the work of other artists, writers, musicians and scholars. This exhibition features selections from several of Voigt’s recent series inspired by major texts, histories, scientific theses and musical works by cultural icons such as Roland Barthes (writer, theorist, cultural critic, linguist, and semiotician), Niklas Luhmann (sociologist), Ludwig van Beethoven (composer and pianist) and Epicurus (Greek philosopher); figures central to a liberal arts education. Voigt’s drawings are exquisite visual externalizations of absorbed interpretive thought; responses mapped in ink, watercolor, cut paper, pastel and gold leaf of a particular argument, musical passage or conceptual association.