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Dawoud Bey (b. 1953), "Evergreen", 2021, 3-channel video with sound, duration: 10 minutes, 59 seconds. Art Bridges.

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Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Free Admission


Daisy Desrosiers, Director and Chief Curator, The Gund


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Trees are witnesses, land is an archive, and nature becomes a storyteller in Evergreen, a three-channel video installation by American artist Dawoud Bey. Commissioned in 2021 by the New Orleans Triennale, Evergreen relates to the artist’s In This Here Place, a photographic series featuring landscapes and built structures from five different plantations in Louisiana along the Mississippi River. As part of one of his three historical projects, this body of work grapples with the inexpressible horror of slavery by giving visual form to the places in which such untold stories hauntingly reside.

I’m using the medium of photography as a vehicle to activate the imagination so that the viewer is inexplicably pulled into the past.

— Dawoud Bey

Installation view of Evergreen, 2023, The Gund.


Installation view of Evergreen, 2023, The Gund.

Exhibition Walkthrough by Joshua Smukal