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Annual Senior Student Exhibition 2018

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Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Free Admission


Caroline Chang, Zoe Chrissos, Hugh Ferguson, Matthew Garrett, Dani Gorton, Emmett Green, Shannon Hart, Atlanta Japp, Ben Jenks, Lauren Kerr, Ellie Stark Manos, Ryan Muthiora, Phoebe Botticelli Pohl, Livy Porter, Matt Reed, Helen Tuchmann, Henry Uhrik, Addison Wagner, Karlin Wong


The Gund programs and exhibitions are made possible, in part, by The Gund Board of Directors and the Ohio Arts Council.


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The Annual Senior Student Exhibition 2018 showcases the work of 19 graduating art majors from Kenyon College. The exhibition is a critical step for students completing the Senior Exercise in Studio Art and represents a year of intense exploration and discovery.