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Meet and Greet with Naeem Mohaiemen

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Join us to meet filmmaker and artist, Naeem Mohaiemen, before the film screening of Jole Dobe Na (Those Who Do Not Drown). A light dinner of sandwiches and salads will be provided. No RSVP is necessary but supplies are limited.

Naeem Mohaiemen, an acclaimed filmmaker and visual artist, will visit campus for a special day of conversations and film screening. Currently presenting "Light at the End of the Tunnel," two recent works by the artist and conceived amidst the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, both "Wooster Street" and “Karen’s Last Books (Ibsen to Nguyen)” serve as expressions of adaptation to uncertain times by two women: one, an artist in New York recollecting her radical art community of the seventies, and the other, an educator in Maine facing the end of her life. With these two distinct projects, Mohaiemen explores the relational aspects of oral history and examines how collective and intimate memories endure and wield influence when shared. In honor of the April 13th inauguration of President Kornfeld and her contributions to the field of public health, this day with the artist will be an opportunity to investigate how the global pandemic changed how artists critically reflect and create, and how we capture stories amongst all odds for the greater good.