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Claudia Esslinger: Host

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Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Free Admission


Claudia Esslinger


Supported, in part, by an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, a Kenyon College Faculty Research Grant, and with collaborator Tom Giblin, Kenyon Associate Professor of Physics, a GLCA New Directions Grant.

The Gund programs and exhibitions are made possible, in part, by The Gund Board of Directors and the Ohio Arts Council.


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Host uses custom electronic media to interpret our relationship to the natural world. How do current technologies redefine this relationship? How do our inventions impact our survival? In this project, optical panels reveal and obscure an abstracted vision of the sublime, while at the same time using electronic controls to question its disappearance. The structure becomes a metaphor for a fragmented experience of our environment. Through a mediator of our own making we can gather, frame, focus or delete our perceptions.