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Charlotte Woolf Artist Talk

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The Annex
12 East Gambier St.
Mount Vernon, OH, Free Admission


Charlotte Woolf

Visiting Assistant Professor Charlotte Woolf has three photographs on display at The Annex through January 1, 2024.

“Healing Elderflower (Reclamation Herb Farm) Germantown, NY,” 2022.
“Sarah Lyons Chase (Chaseholm Farm) Pine Plains, NY,” 2022.
“Morning Window (Chaseholm Farm) Pine Plains, NY” 2022.

Charlotte Woolf's photography practice highlights the profound impact of labor and the passage of time on individuals. As a queer woman, Woolf approaches their work to expand binaries and question societal structures by focusing on infrastructure, from farms and interstates to our bodily autonomy and food accessibility. For more information about Visiting Assistant Professor Charlotte Woolf's photography practice, visit or their Instagram @CharfromCharlotte.