The Gund


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diverse crowd on tour at The Gund Gallery

Encouraging artists and students to learn with and from each other is integral to everything we do at The Gund. We work collectively to create a warm, hospitable environment where everyone can thrive and feel included. We strive to model how a teaching museum can contribute to a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming learning experience that stimulates intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and civil discourse.

We embrace Kenyon’s Diversity and Inclusion values to foster a more nuanced understanding of the world and each other through art. We encourage encounters with art by seeking a wide range of perspectives and presenting visual histories in a global context.

At The Gund, we believe:

Each and every one of us must feel welcome, respected and included. We realize that a culture of respect and inclusion doesn't just happen spontaneously. It's up to all of us to intentionally build and sustain a welcoming community.

A liberal education thrives when it includes a wide range of perspectives. When students and faculty from a spectrum of cultures, faiths, and backgrounds come together, the learning experience is more informed and inclusive.

An academically talented student body is a diverse one. As the diversity of Kenyon’s student body continues to expand, the academic credentials of entering students also have increased, as have retention and graduation rates.