The Gund


Alix Vernet

Alix Vernet (b. 1997), the youngest artist featured in the show Sculpture as Verb, received a B.A. from UCLA in 2019. Vernet is a New York City-based artist who uses the city as her canvas. “For me, research happens through process,” Alix remarked in an interview for Document. Her explorative process often includes molding reliefs on buildings throughout the city, and using an eccentric combination of materials such as latex, clay and cheesecloth to create works that are shadows of the corners of the city they come from. Her works Pilaster, East 2nd St. and PUBLIC LONGING, Reliefs from Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza are silver shadows of the city, evoking elegance and mystery. Vernet’s work ventures into the realm of the ethereal, and plays with the potential of poetry. There seems to be an invisible thread between Vernet and Serra in her action-based process, her love of language and her awe of urban architecture.

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